Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Green House with the Pink window!

India is rich. Rich in culture, food, languages, smells, traditions and Colors.

I have previously posted some pics of a lovely pink house close-by Opera House. These are the photographs of a lovely Blue House with a cute little Pink window.

Hope you like these.


  1. I love this green house with the pink window! Looks like a Sneschi house. Do you mind if I post this on my facebook wall??

  2. Hi! Loved the picture in which the iron grill is in the foreground and the pink window building is out of focus in the background. Quite beautiful!

  3. anonymous: feel free! :) my pleasure! :)

    Hakunamatata: Quite thank you! :) Iron grilled was completely rusted and quite ncie!

  4. Just a query - why would you insist on calling it Bombay and not Mumbai when you have moved here only in 2006? How would you like it if I called you Deremie despite you asking me to call you Jeremie???

  5. Well, I find the name "Bombay" and the sound of it way more dynamic and energetic than "Mumbai" which sounds much more dull to me. I therefore feel that "Bombay" represents the city, its evolution, and its live much better. It's just a better fit.

    I also find that an amazingly high proportion of "Mumbaikars" choose to call the city "Bombay" over it's real Indian name "Mumbai".

    And, by the way, my first and last name are being slaughtered on a daily basis here. But no hard feeling there. :)

    hope this helps. cheers.

    my name is being slaughtered on a daily basis here

  6. People who have been living here from before the name change call it Bombay. Some who like to sound hip and swanky do it too. But when you have a public blog which is open to all and is talking about a place in its official capacity (not just in the passing as it is your blog name), it made me curious; hence the query. Mumbai is a sweet name too and has historic importance. I just wanted to know what made you choose otherwise. No hard feelings. It is your blog, you can do whatever you want. Enjoy the city!

  7. Dear _______,

    you are completely right: the name "Mumbai" is of relative historic importance, but so is "Bombay".

    I also personally feel that the vibe that emanates from "Bombay" a more adequate fit is to my blog and my personality! :) As it is the dynamism and the energy I like the most in Bombay! :)

    where are you from?