Monday, August 9, 2010

Those little BUGGERS!

Bombay Padmini Taxi's represent for many all they LOVE & HATE in Bombay! Capable of triggering the loudest laughers as well as major frustrations, the yellow & black cabs are a vital part of the city's heritage.

Fiat had decommissioned the Padmini after only three years. With Italian production ceasing in 1960, the entire production line was shipped to India in 1967. India’s Premier Automobiles then manufactured the Premier Padmini in Kurla, Bombay, from 1968 until 1997.

Apparently Greater Mumbai would be home to about 20,000 Premier Padmini taxis. Hard to believe, since I’ve always had the feeling there were over a million of these annoying (yet adorable) little buggers! I was even convinced that each collision between buggers was part of a procreation routine for the survival of the breed. Honest.

Added pictures:


  1. J'adore tes photos! Trop belles! wow!

  2. Merci Mimi!!! Maintenant faut venir ici!!! :)

  3. Four years on and still with all fours intact...despite the Rickshaws and trains and elephants and cows I must say this is a superlative thing you started, J :-) All the very best.Look forward to some of the awesome work from your shutter that we get to see from time to time.Oh yes the best part I love is that you say Bombay yayyyy :-)) cheers to that.

  4. Blusafire... thanks so much for your comment. But who are you? where are you? how are you?


  5. i am truly impressed. i like the second last one a lot. maybe even enough to get it framed. but then, knowing you, all of these would cost a big fat sobo price!

  6. that pic is one of my favourite picture!

    I have it framed at home!

    just totally awesome! :)

    And i live north of Sobo... so price won't be big or fat. it will be just and righteous! :)

  7. Chanced upon your blog, love the pictures! Bravo!

  8. Thanks V'ee! all feedbacks are super appreciated! I'm trying to post a set of pictures every 2 or 3 days! Come back for more! thanks again! :)